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BioBag by Grupo Biomark, the evolution of traditional bags

A 100% biodegradable compostable product with international quality and certifications

Grupo Biomark

A new, direct, and sustainable means of communication

Grupo Biomark

You can see the difference ...
A Turtle does not

1.5 million marine animals die each year
because they confuse plastic with food.
Consume responsibly only what we need

What does the concept of Business Meets Nature mean for Grupo Biomark?

This motto summarizes the philosophy and objectives of Grupo Biomark. We develop profitable businesses only if they can be developed while taking care of the environment, providing benefits to society without leaving an irreparable mark in the world.


Thus our customers receive twice the benefits by helping the planet, addressing daily needs, and reducing costs.


We are a group of companies with the infrastructure and human resources to develop profitable, innovative, and disruptive businesses.

Example of how ‘Business meets nature’ works

Environmental degradation

Plastic bags
Traditional market
Paper bags
Biodegradable bags

Our Businesses

A business model that integrates a highly committed commercial role.

Biomark provides a business model that integrates a committed commercial role, and good marketing practices combining the specific needs of the customer, the production process, following the entire commercial process from beginning to end by promoting responsible consumption.
Our agency gains strength from the development of our own means of communication, allowing a thorough follow-up of the advertising process. The economic performance of this return is optimized to the maximum, and our commitment to values and results obtained are unmatched.

The evolution of traditional bags

What is a BioBag? It is the business thought to provide the industry and society an environmentally friendly 100% biodegradable compostable solution.
It substitutes plastic bags.
Our product conforms to the highest quality standard and we use raw materials in accordance with the most demanding certifications worldwide.

PET Line.
A large-scale solution.

A product designed for society.
Grupo Biomark believes that its commitment goes beyond the service it provides. Thus we are developing a product line that will help us change the planet.

Choose Express Bag for your business by switching to 100% biodegradable compostable bags

An environmentally friendly 100% biodegradable compostable solution. Our product has the highest standard of quality. Besides, we use raw materials that hold the strictest worldwide certifications and that do not pollute the environment.
You can request the bag already printed with the message `Thank you for your purchase´ or personalize it with your own logo.

Some companies that rely on our work are:
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